Welcome to ICOME-2021

International Online Conference on Mathematics Education
May, 26-29, 2021, Yildiz Technical University
Istanbul, TURKEY

The ICOME-2021 will be held in English.”

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A new era and its challenges: Integrating new educational approaches to mathematics education

The International Conference on Mathematics Education (ICOME’21) is an international meeting organized by Ph.D. students and alumnus from Purdue University and Indiana University, and is supported by Yildiz Technical University, Agri Ibrahim Cecen University, and Kirsehir Ahi Evran University. The ICOME is organized for all; faculty members, graduate students, teachers, and parents who are interested in teaching and learning mathematics.

As introducing “2in1” format, ICOME & ICOMAA will have 1 annual meeting with 2 different themes and schedules this year. 

Please feel free to email the organization committee at org.icome@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Important Dates


Submission Deadline for papers (Proposal) May 15, 2021
Notification of Acceptance May 20, 2021
Conference Registration Deadline May 25, 2021
Conference May 26 – 29, 2021
Conference Theme


Our 2021 conference theme is “A new era and its challenges: Integrating new educational approaches to education.” Despite current difficulties, continuing to make progress by strengthening and developing new educational programs is crucial for every society. Thus, during this critical period of the pandemic, it is important for math educators to discuss the new opportunities, approaches, and challenges that are emerging in the field and how to integrate new educational approaches into mathematics teaching and learning. 


We invite proposals for presentations on pre-service and in-service training, student learning, interdisciplinary education approaches, technology education and integration, curriculum development and implementation. Also, we encourage potential presenters to relate studies that may not directly address the theme to mathematics teaching and learning to be considered for the program.  We hope our theme will help you focus your presentation proposals. For more information, feel free to contact us at org.icome@gmail.com.

Aim and Scope


The major goals of ICOME are;

  • To bring the entire mathematics education community together to exchange scientific information on Mathematics Education.
  • To discuss recent developments on Mathematics Education to promote practice of teaching and learning.
  • To promote international academic networking and collaboration on mathematics education.
  • Important Announcement for ICOME 2021 Conference Proceedings

    Dear ICOME 2021 Participants,


    Thank you again for your participation in ICOME 2021.


    We wanted to share our announcement with the participants who would like to send the full paper version of their proposals to be published in the proceedings book or the special issue of the specified journal. 

    Information about the full-text paper submission to conference proceedings book:

    Ø  The title of the full-text proceedings book is “Conference Proceedings of Science and Technology” and the link to its website is “cpostjournal.org”.

    Ø  You can visit the website of our conference proceedings book (cpostjournal.org) or use the “click here” link in the Journal Publications title at the homepage of our conference website (https://edu.icomaas.com/).

    Ø  When you go to the web address of the conference proceedings book, please read the submission guidelines and prepare your manuscript accordingly. Then, you can send your full-text paper to the e-mail address specified in the “submit to paper” section. Please indicate in the e-mail that you were a participant at ICOME 2021.

    Ø  The full-text paper submission deadline is July 10, 2021.

    Ø  We would like to remind you that your full-text paper submissions will be reviewed by experts in the field and only the submissions that meet the quality requirements will be included in the conference proceedings book. 

    Information about publishing papers that were presented as “Completed Study” in the special issue of a journal:

    Ø  You are required to let the conference organizers know about your intention to publish your paper in this special issue by July 1.

    Ø  To submit your paper, please visit the website of the Kirsehir Ahi Evran University Education Journal (https://dergipark.org.tr/tr/pub/kefad) or the “click here” link in the Journal Publications title of the homepage of our conference website (https://edu.icomaas.com/).

    Ø  The full-text paper submission deadline is August 8, 2021.

    Ø  Only the papers that are approved by the scientific committee and completed the review process will be published in the special issue of Kirsehir Ahi Evran University Education Journal.

    Ø  Please write in the note to the editor that you presented your work at the ICOME 2021 conference.


    **Note for our national participants: Our conference meets the academic incentive criteria of YÖK with 30 foreign and 29 national participants.


    Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns via email: .cetinbilir@ahievran.edu.tr


    We are grateful for your support in the expansion of our academic family and the discovery of new areas of mathematics education. 


    Best Regards,

    ICOME 2021 Organizing Committee

    Important Announcement About Covid-19

    The conference (ICOME-2021) will be held as planned between May 26-29, 2021. Due to the Corona virus spreading all over the world, the conference will be held online only via video conferencing. Participation documents will be sent to the participants by e-mail after the conference is held.

    About E-Conference

    • E-conference will be held by ZOOM video conferencing method.
    • Our participants will be able to access the program free of charge with the password we will provide them.
    • Before the conference, a trial presentation will be held with all our participants.
    • All participants will be able to access online presentation rooms and ask questions.
    • After the congress, your abstracts and full papers will be published as described.
    • Participation documents will be sent as a PDF via e-mail after the conference.

    For National Participants

    Konferansımız YÖK’ün belirlediği uluslararası olma kriterleri dikkate alınarak hazırlanmaktadır. Geçen sene 19 farklı ülkeden 200 ü aşkın katılımcı ve katılımcılarımızın yarısından fazlasının yurtdışı olması sebebiyle YÖK kriterlerini sağlamıştır. Bu yıl 4. kez yapacağımız konferansımızın da uluslararası olma kriterlerini sağlamasını planlanmaktadır.

    Gereği hususunu siz değerli bilim insanları ve araştırmacılara saygılarımızla arz ederiz.

    ICOMAA & ICOME Organize Komite


    • Accepted proposals for presentation at ICOME-2021 will be published in the conference book.
    • Accepted full papers at ICOMAA & ICOME will be published Conference Proceeding of Science and Technology. For “Call for Proceedings” click here
    • The deadline for submissions to the proceedings is July 10 2021 (publication on 15 September 2021).
    • Studies approved by the scientific committee and completed the referee evaluation process will be published in the special issue of Kirsehir Ahi Evran University Education Journal.