Keynote Speakers

Join us to be inspired!

The International Conference on Mathematics Education is honored to have an amazing group of keynote speakers.

“Social Construction of Mathematical Knowledge”

Prof. Dr. Adnan Baki
Trabzon University, Turkey

Opening Keynote
May 26, 2021
(17:00, Turkey) (10:00AM, Eastern)

“Consideration on the Preparation and Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers.”

Assoc. Prof. Enrique Galindo
Indiana University, USA

May 27, 2021
(17:00, Turkey) (10:00AM, Eastern)

“Reflections of the Pandemic on Distance Education: An Investigation in the Context of STEM and Flipped Learning”

Prof. Dr. Hülya Gür
Balikesir University, Turkey

May 28, 2021
(17:00, Turkey) (10:00AM, Eastern)

“Four decades of mathematical word problem solving research (1980-2020): Lessons learnt by an active participant.”

Prof. Dr. Lieven Verschaffel
Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

Closing Keynote
May 29, 2021
(17:00, Turkey) (10:00AM, Eastern)